$120K in Advertising Grants
For nonprofit BusinessES

Would you like to get more support for your purpose-driven mission?

Learn how nonprofit organizations within U.S. and Canada can gain access to $120,000 a year of free advertising, (in perpetuity), by simply sharing valuable services, knowledge, and creating social impact.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Strategic philanthropy
  • Recession-proof strategy
  • Increase volunteer support
  • Increase donors and sponsors
  • Increase social impact

What Is Tech With Heart Foundation?

Tech With Heart Foundation offers a safe, nurturing, learning environment that empowers entrepreneurs and students to embrace technology and business growth strategies, so they can be competitive and relevant for long term success.
Grow as an entrepreneur, and lead as an influencer.

We take a forward-thinking, heart-centered approach to business growth. Our focus is on using technology to create efficiencies, while also enhancing human connection, and deepening relationships, rather than using AI and automation to remove our need for one another.