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Help us support entrepreneurs, minority students, and children to embrace technology, and develop trade and life skills, so they can grow to their fullest potential in life and in business.

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Tech With Heart Foundation enlightens business owners on new technology, strategy and platforms to keep them current and their businesses growing. It gives them the heart-centered collaborative networking that develops deep partnerships and referral sources.

They even provide media publicity to make you more visible on-line, and as an authority in your industry.

I love that Tech With Heart Foundation also gives minority and under-served youth the real-world experience they need to thrive, in areas like digital marketing, media, journalism.

AND Tech With Heart helps at-risk kids at the fundamental level where they need it to give them a stable foundation to build on, by partnering to help them be adopted or find loving foster parents. That’s how they have the best opportunity to reach their full potential.

Mary Maas – Business Strategist, Innovative Leader, Philanthropist


Small businesses are the backbone of the U.S. 90% of small business owners struggle with technology and not knowing who to trust to teach them, or guide them toward relevant technologies, systems, and strategies that are working in the current digital landscape.
Tech With Heart Network is the perfect community to provide entrepreneurs with business growth insights and support.

Underprivileged students that have passion and promise are not being offered the scholarships or internships at larger corporations because their grades or portfolio were lacking due to a variety of reasons that were beyond the student’s control. They need an opportunity to expand their professional skills, gain life skills, and build a resume’ and portfolio that will land them a competitive position in their industry of choice.
Tech With Heart Institute is the apprenticeship program to give students an upper hand.

Children that have been orphaned, abandoned, or previously sex-trafficked need a safe, loving home environment as their foundation so they can stop focusing on survival, and start focusing on their future.
Tech With Heart Homes For Kids is a partner program that supports other nonprofit entities that are doing a stellar job in the placement of these children.

5 Reasons To Donate Today

• Giving to charity makes you feel amazing

• Giving strenthens personal values

• Giving is impactful and has a ripple effect

• Giving teaches children the value of generosity

• Giving attracts generosity from others

Support Tech With Heart Through a Sponsorship

Sponsorship is a great way to support the Tech With Heart initiative, while also providing your company with TV, Radio, and Podcast broadcasting publicity.

You can deduct a portion of your sponsorship package as a charitable donation.

Get Your Business Advertised on Streaming TV, Radio, and Podcast

  • Get your 30 second commercial aired on the Tech With Heart Show
  • Airing Daily, M-F on iHeart Radio at 10am PST
  • Airing Weekly, and On Demand on 10 Podcast Platforms
  • Airing Bi-Weekly, and On Demand on 3 TV Platforms
Tech With Heart TV Show with Host Michelle Calloway

Get Your Own Mini-Series Aired on TV

  • Get your own mini-series broadcast on the NEW Careers From Home TV Channel on Roku and Amazon Fire Streaming TV platforms
  • Share insights and guidance to entrepreneurs on the BIG screen, and attract new clients
  • Gain visibility and credibility while positively impacting society
Careers From Home TV Mini Series Opportunity for Influencers