Sponsor Matching Opportunity

for Minority Student Internships

What would your life and career look like today if you had the right mentors guiding you in your youth, before you started your entrepreneurial journey?

Think back on your success and achievements over the years. Did you have mentors along the way, guiding and empowering you toward making the best decisions for your future? If not, imagine how much further along in your success you would be by now, if you had received that invaluable insight at an earlier age. That is what we want to provide for minority and underserved college-aged students.

A shocking 50% of minority students face unemployment post-graduation – a fate determined by what feels like the flip of a coin. Employers seek applicants with past work experience, but students from historically marginalized communities face obstacles to acquire equal opportunities for education, employment, and mentorship. 


Three young adults students sitting and smiling

To break down barriers, the Tech With Heart Foundation 501(c)(3) focuses on empowering minority and underserved college-aged students through an internship and apprenticeship program that equips students with marketing and technology experience that gives them a competitive edge in life and business. Together, with your help, we can elevate marginalized students, improve the economic health of their community, and feel good about giving back to an eager young professional, as they enter a competitive workforce.

By sponsoring one student today for $1500/mo (for six months), our partner will match that sponsorship so that two students’ futures can be impacted by the cost of supporting one.

How Does The Student Internship Program Work?

Minority and underserved students, ages 18-24, will be given the guidance, the skills, and the tools to create a bright future for themselves and their career. 

  • 100% virtual internships and apprenticeships that provide flexible work hours and eliminate travel requirements. 
  • Immersive vocational training in the student’s choice of either Digital Marketing, Copywriting/Journalism, Video/Media Creation, Website Design/Development, or Software and App Development. 
  • Personalized mentorship from industry experts with over 30 years of experience. 
  • A minimum wage living stipend to ensure financial security.

Benefits for the Students

Students in the program obtain confidence, relevant skill sets, strategic insights, and technology tools to excel as young professionals and build a competitive work portfolio for career advancement. 

Hear from students how Tech With Heart’s internship program has opened doors. 

Why You Should Care

Together, we can build a future that is inclusive and accessible for all. Every student we mentor and teach, creates a ripple effect of positive change. The knowledge they learn from their experience will elevate their future career success, impacting their family, and bettering their community. 

Let us pay it forward the help we received and create a cycle of success. Together, we are mentoring future leaders in the marketing and technology industries. 

Sponsorship Funding Match!

For a limited time, our partner, LA-Tech will match a sponsored student, so that TWO students can be impacted for the investment of supporting just one.

LA-Tech connects students in the Los Angeles area from underrepresented backgrounds with internships like ours. We are bringing this proven framework to marginalized students in the San Francisco Bay Area. 

It costs $9,000 to support one student’s internship for 6 months (part-time). By donating $1500 a month for six months, or $50/day for six months, (essentially the same price as a full bag of groceries a day), you can feed a student’s future for a lifetime, and create systemic change for generations.

Leverage this opportunity to give back, while our partner is willing to match your generous sponsorship funds. Your generosity will impact the lives of two promising minority students by providing them with the guidance and experience they need to launch a successful career, and positively impact their community.

Donations are 100% tax deductable as a charitable donation.

Not Able to Donate?

Support Students In Other Ways

Are you passionate about empowering the next generation and making a real difference in the lives of students? Tech With Heart is looking for more partners, teachers, and mentors to work with the talented young students.

Become a Student Mentor/Teacher

We seek partnerships with professional subject matter experts to mentor and teach minority college-age students in the marketing, media, and technology industries.

Share the Word

Do you have a friend or colleague who might be interested in supporting this minority student initiative? Please share this content with them, and ask who they might know that would be interested in impacting minority students through this opportunity.