Creating Videos Doesn’t Have to Be Hard for Small Businesses

Let us help tell your small business’s unique story through captivating video content

Our comprehensive video creation services include everything you need to create a compelling narrative: a professionally written script, stunning visuals, engaging voice over, on-screen text, and carefully selected music.

Build Connection FAST!

Raise awareness for your cause.

Gain influence about your company.

Build trust among donors and customers.

Explain your value through video storytelling.

Video Creation Examples

Full Motion Story

On-site filming with video crew that collects high-quality b-roll footage, while capturing interview footage and voiceover audio.


30 – 60 second montage TV-ready commercial with voiceover and music

Speaker Reel

Visually tell your story through a montage of images, videos clips, words, and music, through a speaker or sizzle reel video.

DONE FOR YOU Video Production Process

handwriting notes on paper

Script Writing

Most small business owners struggle with what their videos should say. Our creative team will craft the video script after learning what goals and objectives your business has for the video.

Video editing on computer

Video Creation & Editing

Our creative team will produce, and/or collect images, videos, and music, and edit them together to create a high-quality branded video complete with voice-over and text on the screen.

Video delivery on computer and mobile

Delivery and Revisions

Project turnaround times vary depending upon the complexity of the project. Typically, videos are delivered within two weeks of purchase, and allow for one revision at no extra charge.

High Quality, Affordable Video Creation Services

Tech With Heart Foundation and its partner, REVEALiO, are excited to offer high-quality video production services to nonprofits, entrepreneurs and small business owners that can fit any marketing budget.

These videos will raise your company’s visibility and influence online while attracting more clients, donors and potential partners to your website while you sleep.

Our heart-centered team is here to make the creation process simple and easy. Click below to schedule your free consultation.

Montage videos are the simplest and most affordable way to tell a visual story through images, video clips, voice-over, text on screen and music. (Watch the sample montage video at the top of this page.)

Select from our affordable montage video offerings starting at $300, or inquire about our on-site filming and/or character animation services.

Don’t miss out on attracting customers or donors. Get your story on video today.

Why Choose Tech With Heart
For Your Video Creation?

You get more than a video

You get a user experience that is easier and less time-consuming than other companies. You become part of something greater than those who just want your money. You get advisors to help you along the way.

You are helping students achieve their dreams

Every small business introductory video you make allows us to use a portion to help students have apprenticeships in marketing, journalism, video production and film-making.

It’s affordable

We understand small businesses and nonprofits often do not have huge marketing budgets for their organization. Therefore, we have established a video-creating experience that will not break your bank. We can create your introductory video for as few as $300. Does this make sense to you?

We are purpose–driven like you

Small businesses and nonprofits today want to make a difference while making money. We are the same. We want to empower entrepreneurs, students and kids to change the world into a better place. We are using technology to connect humans in a better way. We are on the forefront of those movements.

Did you know that when you create your introductory video with us, you are helping a disadvantaged student have a future?

20% of video creation proceeds will go toward supporting an underserved, minority student apprentice
within the Tech With Heart Foundation

REVEALiO is awesome to work with, very responsive and made my video look outstanding

Melissa Balizan

Concierge Pharmacist/Speaker

It was an absolute pleasure working with Michelle. She was professional and insightful, completing all the edits; everything was polished and well put together. Thank you.

Sopheia McMorris

Executive Wisdom Mentor



Take Your Video Marketing To the Next Level

Get a 30 day trial of REVEALiO – Augmented Reality Marketing for only $1.00 with purchase of video creation service.


Video stories connect powerfully with people through three of the four main learning styles;
visual, auditory, and those who prefer to read text on the screen.

REVEALiO – AR Marketing tool adds the fourth learning style; TOUCH.

 Take your video message to the next level by making it COME ALIVE on physical marketing materials like a business card, book cover, event invite, or tradeshow banner.

Revealio augmented reality technology was featured in INC Magazine
Tim Cook talks about the relevancy of augmented reality
Kevin Harrington praised Revealio for giving business owners a unique differentiator
Paul Finck speaks about the BUZZ factor of Revealio
Revealio software and media solutions logo

REVEALiO, Inc. is a minority and service-disabled veteran-owned business in the San Francisco Bay Area of California,
and proud partner of the Tech With Heart Foundation

What Is the Tech With Heart Foundation?

The Tech With Heart Foundation 501(c)(3), provides an innovative, nurturing learning environment to grow as an individual and professional entrepreneur by embracing technology, systems, and strategies. We do this through three key strategic initiatives including:
  • Tech With Heart Network – offers business growth and technology insights and support to entrepreneurs
  • Tech With Heart Institute – allows underprivileged students to expand their professional skills and life skills necessary to achieve competitive positions in key industries
  • Tech With Heart Homes For Kids – provides financial support to other nonprofit organizations specializing in placing orphaned, abandoned, or previously sex-trafficked children into loving home environments

20% of all proceeds that result from this partner service offering goes to support the Tech With Heart Foundation
and it's entrepreneurial, and student support programs.
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