Is your Business running but not Growing?

Its time to make some changes
  • Are You Ready to Get Your Time back?

  • Are You Ready to Have More Profits?

  • Are You Ready for Automated Systems That Make Your Life Easier?

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You can have it all!

Patrick K Smith Image - Helping SMBs for 30 years

Consulting - 30 Years of Experience

Patrick has been running his own businesses since 1988. Learn what it takes to operate a succesful business from someone who has been where you are! Learn more about the consulting arm of his company, OnlineViz here and in the video below.

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Software - Everything in One Tool

I have heard the same thing from so many business owners… “All I want to do is work on my passion, not figure out 10 different tools to run my business.” Learn more about the software division at My Biz Suite.

Get More Than a Coach. Get A System That Works!

Now you can have everything you need to Build, Manage and Market your business with just enough help to get you on track.

  • No need to sit through long webinars (Unless you want them)
  • No need to have multiple software tools that don’t play well with each other.
  • No high priced apps that don’t seem to work.
  • No frustration over throwing money into a black hole of marketing.

I am not focused on “selling” you anything.

I know that is a bold statement, that you may not believe, but my primary focus is to make you so happy with OnlineViz and My Biz Suite that you tell everyone you know about my services!

Here is a little about me and my history, more in the video below.

I grew from my first small business in 1987 to a corporation with offices in multiple states in 2005. Today, I am an author, consultant and software service provider with support staff in multiple countries.

I  sold off all my brick and mortar offices and homes. Now I travel and work from my RV as “digital nomad” helping local businesses across the United States.

Why is it important to you?

  • I have been in your shoes. You can take advantage of what I have learned without the pain and high cost.
  • I have the wholesale buying power to bring you the best tools and the best pricing.
  • I have personally tested and used everything I suggest to you in my own companies.
  • I bring a unique combination of 30 years as a sales professional with over 25 years working with IT. This means I can see how the tech operates but also see how it can make you money!

Patrick Smith, Owner

Patrick K Smith Image - Helping SMBs for 30 years

Spoiler alert. If you see me in person you will see I have gained way too much weight since Jessica Daniels Photography took this picture. But hey.. this gives me motivation 🙂

A Message From Patrick

Patrick’s Recent Interviews

Patrick’s Recent Interviews